POLL: 2B/SS vs. Left-Handed Pitchers?

Neil Walker‘s OPS versus left-handed pitchers over the last three seasons have convinced me that he should be platooned. (2011: .673 / 2012: .602 / 2013: .518) Others disagree. That makes the Pirates middle infield arrangement against lefties a good topic for a poll.

I would put Clint Barmes at shortstop against lefties and move Jordy Mercer over to second base. The Pirates, however, may have other plans. They are giving Barmes time at 2B this spring and he had much experience at the position during his days with the Colorado Rockies.

Josh Harrison is another possibility to platoon at 2B with Walker. He had only 42 plate appearances versus left-handers last season, but he did bang them around for a .981 OPS. His career OPS against them, however, is only .670 in 199 PA.

Harrison has been average in the field at 2B, posting a -0.1 UZR in 274 career innings.

Please, cast your vote.


11 thoughts on “POLL: 2B/SS vs. Left-Handed Pitchers?

  1. My decision would be based on who our starting pitcher is. I would have barmes and mercer at ss and 2b if Morton and Volquez, possibly Rodriquez is on the mound for defensive purposes and have mercer and Harrison for cole and Liriano.

  2. Can I dream that Josh Harrison won’t be on the opening day roster and the Pirates will add a decent pinch hitter to the bench?

  3. Please explain why the Pirates did not offer Jeff Backer a 2 year $4 million contract to take Josh Harrison’s spot on the roster? Other than the fact that Josh Harrison can play shortstop, they both are versatile backups. However Jeff Baker has a career .760 OPS in 1513 at bats.

    Jeff Baker Rangers 1B 33 154 11 .279 21

  4. Despite Baker’s fielding limitations, I think the Pirates need to have at least one decent hitter on the bench. A Baker/ Neil Walker platoon would be perfect.

    • I know Pedro has his problems but, I don’t think you platoon a guy that can get you 35-40 home runs a year. He can often change they game with just one swing of the bat. Just my opinion.

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