Pirate Record vs. Pirate Performance . . . through 12 games

I am eager to start analyzing this season’s statistics, but I have to be patient. The season is only 7.4% of the way along. That’s, obviously, a very small sample size.

However, it’s not to soon to take a look at how the Pirates overall performance matches up with their 6-6 record.

The team has scored 44 runs and allowed 43 runs, so, based on those numbers, 6-6 is exactly what one would expect. No surprise there. But I think that the “Runs Created” statistic and xFIP provided picture of a team’s overall performance than do runs scored and runs allowed.

The Pirates total offense has a 3.73 runs created per game. They have actually scored 3.67 runs per game.

The Pitchers have a team xFIP of 3.40. Comparing that number to the Pirates 3.73 runs created per game would make it seem like the Pirates have been playing better than their 6-6 record. But xFIP is scaled to earned runs and not total runs. When the 3.40 xFIP is translated to total runs, it comes to 3.70 per game, just .03 less than the Pirates have been “creating” per game.

I was hoping to come up with something stunning, but everything says that the 6-6 Pirates have played just like a .500 team . . . through 7.4% of the season.


One thought on “Pirate Record vs. Pirate Performance . . . through 12 games

  1. Richard,
    I saw on fangraphs that Lirano’s xfip is 15th in the league at 2.84. Would that mean that he is pitching better than his 4.00 ERA would indicate.

    I know it’s early but if Lirano reverts back to what he was before last year then the Pirates could be in trouble.



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